How to Get the Fishing License in Spain Online

Applying for a fishing license in Spain has never been so easy, with our step-by-step guides to obtain it for the first time or for its renewal, you will not be afraid to carry out the process online or in person. Click on the flag of the region where you want to go fishing and you will know how to get fishing license

How to get fishing license online

Select the autonomous community for which you want to get your fishing license.

Types of fishing permits in Spain

In Spain there are mainly 3 types of fishing permits: Fluvial, Maritime and Submarine.

Within the Fluvial we can find the autonomous calls, which are the ones that each autonomous community has.

The inter-autonomous one is a type of fishing permit with which you can fish in up to 8 different autonomous communities.

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What communities enter into the Inter-autonomous fishing license in Spain

Some regions of Spain have an inter-autonomous fishing license, that is, with the same fishing license you can go fishing in several regions. The communities that currently belong are: Aragon, Asturias, Castilla y Leon, Valencian Community, Estremadura, Galicia, Madrid y Murcia.